Hello. Christmas is over... "sigh". Treat yourself to something nice, a coffee, a good film, a spa day. Enjoy your life. You only have one. Your still young and you have time to change.Every Tuesday I see you, standing on your own in the corner of the room, wishing you werent alone. I feel sorry for you. Really, I do. My name is Norman and im an alcoholic. Yes, I admit it but what can you do about it? I made some bad decisions but hey ho.... thats life. Like I said, treat yourself to a coffee, a good film and a friend. I know you have feelings for that girl sat next to you on the bus, I think her names Mandy. Try asking her out for dinner. It may just be the best decision of your life.Im making the most of life, sitting next to a dolphin watching a dancing zebra. You may think i sound wierd, but infact im not. My name is Norman, a cool year 10 pupil and as i said, I am an alcoholic. One day I left my pet rock by the seaside and he eroded before i could rescue him. I will leave you now, after all, as spiderman once said, " My spidey senses are tingling". Peace out, Norman. xxx

New entry: 30/04/2013

I'm leaving soon. Just a week and a bit left. They say time flies when your having fun, (Thats an understatement). I'm currently sitting here, next to my friend Graham , sobbing quietly into my hand. The same hand i once used to open the form room door for the very first time. Thats right, i'm emotional. I'm so so sad. Ive been here so long that i cant quite believe it. Ive witnessed michael jackson dying, guy wintle growing and most significantlly, the tesco horsemeat scandle. To all my fellow followers out there, in the wide, wide world, i bid you goodbye for this will be my last entry. Maybe sometime i'll come back, older, and hairier on the face, to post on moodle yet again. My beloved followers, you have served me well. So many stories, so little time... so little time... I'm finally going now, i have a field to walk home over and a post-office to buy from. Have a good day, have a good life, and most importantly, have a good moodle experience... You deserve it ;)

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