Mr I. Evans (Curriculum Leader for ICT)
Mr J. Barrett
Mr S. Griffiths
Mr I. Selman

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Key Stage 3 Courses

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9

Key Stage 4 Courses

Year 10
WJEC GCSE Unit 1 - Theory
WJEC GCSE Unit 2 - Controlled Assignment

OCR Nationals Unit 21 - Designing Web Graphics
OCR Nationals Unit 2 - Web Design
OCR Nationals Unit 1 - ICT Skills for Business

Year 11
WJEC GCSE Unit 3 - Theory
WJEC GCSE Unit 4 - Controlled Assignment

OCR Nationals Unit 1 - ICT Skills for Business
OCR Nationals Unit ? -

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Breakdown of lessons


Moodle, ICT Mark, Portal, Programming

Description of Key Sage 3

Skills, software, ESW

Key Stage 4



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