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  • ICT - Year 7

    Year 7
    Welcome to the Year 7 ICT Moodle page, all exercises for this year are found on this page. There are links to resources (Word, PowerPoint, Video files) and also assignments that you must complete and upload for marking (you will not need to make any printouts this year). Your teacher will mark your work online and you will receive your mark and feedback once logged on to Moodle.

    If you are absent from a lesson or fail to complete an exercise, you may complete the task for homework and upload for marking using your Moodle link from home (or in an ICT club).

    Programmes that would be beneficial if you are to complete work from home are listed below:

    • Microsoft Word 2007
    • Microsoft Publisher 2007
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
    • Microsoft Access 2007
    • Microsoft Excel 2007 - link for coding (IDE)

    • Introductory Lesson

      Log-on, change password, create folders... 

      In this lesson you will log on to the school network for the first time and have the opportunity to modify your password. You must also create a Year7 folder and subject sub-folders.  You will be made aware of facilities/rules for all ICT Suites (ensuring class ownership of rules).

      E-safety documents will be distributed and must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned. 

      Any password/username problems are referred to the Network Manager/ICT technician. 

      • Welcome to Moodle/Portal


        In this lesson you will be shown how to log on to Moodle (remember you can access Moodle from home also). You will also be shown how to open resources and upload work for marking.

        In addition you will be shown how to use the following:

        • Log on to school email system (for school related mail only)
        • Access the learning portal from home that allows you to view your school emails, files saved in your school account and access to Moodle.
      • WP - Input Devices


        WP - Complete the Input Devices word processing exercise using the worksheet provided by your teacher. Upload your completed work to be marked using the link below.

      • DTP - School Timetable

        - Using your school planner and the guidance sheet (which can be opened below) create a School Timetable in MS Publisher.

        Once completed upload your work for marking using the second link below.

      • DTP - Room Rules Poster


        PUB - Using your hand drawn plan, create the Room Rules Poster using a program of your choice (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc.). You DO NOT have to create an exact copy of the plan. For example you may think of some amendments (changes) that could be made once the poster has been created.

        Once completed upload your work for marking using the link below.


      • Creating an e-Portfolio


        PP - Create an e-Portfolio using MS PowerPoint –use the worksheet below to help set up the basic structure and links to this years work. Only 2 slides are required – the Introductory Slide and a slide linked to all work created to date. You may also create links to suitable web sites.

        You are not required to upload this file for marking.

      • Internet Safety


        PUB - Internet Safety Video – view the video and create a poster to warn year 6 pupils about the dangers of the Internet. Also look at the bulleted list for suggestions of what to include in your poster. 

      • The Hour of Code

        "The Hour of Code"

        December 5th - 9th
        Select the links below to view a variety of coding tutorials and also an introductory video that promotes the Hour of Code, a global initiative aimed at encouraging pupils to learn how to program a computer and understand computational thinking.
      • Eisteddfod Competition


        You have one lesson to create a poster to enter the school’s eisteddfod competition. The poster must be based on the school including information about some of the lessons taught. The subjects must be written in welsh as should the school name. Your teacher will show you some examples before you begin. Make sure you add your name, your form, and your House.

      • Introduction to Excel

        Introduction to Microsoft Excel - With a partner open the "4 in a row" spreadsheet, remember that you must state the cell address (e.g. B4) in order to select where you want to insert your colour. 

        Open the "Multiplication square" spreadsheet and use the different copy options to complete the table, you may also use fill colour to complete. Save a copy to your area.

        You are not required to submit either of these files for marking. 


      • SP - Basic Formula Calculator


        Basic Formula Calculator. Open the spreadsheet below and enter formula into the shaded cells. 

        Save a copy to your area. You are not required to upload this file for marking. 


      • SP - Exam Grades


        Using the worksheet below, create a spreadsheet that calculates the average and maximum marks for each pupil. Remember to upload the completed file for marking!!

      • SP - PC Weekly

        PC Weekly

        Using the worksheet below, create a spreadsheet that calculates the profit made from selling items at a PC shop. Remember to upload the completed file for marking!!

      • SP - Ski budget


        Using the worksheet below, create a spreadsheet that calculates the total cost of a ski trip.You are also required to create charts to display the data in a graphical form. Remember to upload the completed file for marking!!



      • SP - Extension Task - to be modified


        Using the worksheet below, create a spreadsheet that displays various properties of metals (you are required to research the Internet for their values). You are also required to create charts to display the data in a graphical form. Remember to upload the completed file for marking!! 

      • E-portfolio


        In this lesson you can update your e-Portfolio ensuring all work is linked to the PowerPoint presentation. An extension is to create a slide to link to all of your cross-curricular use of ICT.

        • Games development using Kodu

          What will I learn - You will learn about co-operation, logic and creativity as well as basic programming skills. These are all skills required by games developers.

          Lesson 1 - Introduction to games development (What is Kodu?)
          Open Kodu and play some of the games other people have created. Whilst playing start thinking about ideas that you would like to incorporate in your game.

          Lesson 2 - Create your own apple game
          In this lesson you will create your first very own game in Kodu. You will use some of the basic features in Kodu to create a landscape, character and game rules.

          Lesson 3 + - You will work your way through selected tutorials to create a more advanced game. You will learn how to create more advanced and different landscapes, add further Kodus and create more advanced game rules.

          Final Lesson - Play each others game and fill out a peer assessment evaluation sheet

          If you would like to download Kodu for free to use/practise at home please use the following link - Click here to download Kodu

        • DB - Music Shop


          Exercise 1.1 - Create the database using the worksheet below. 

        • DB - Estate Agents


          Exercise 1.2 - Create the database using the worksheet below. 

        • DB - Sorts & Searches


          DB – Complete online sort and search answer sheets; Save the sheets into your area and link to your e-Portfolio. Databases are available for this section.

          You are not required to upload these sheets for marking.

        • DB - Data capture forms

          Data Capture
          – Create a data capture form for the Golf Club using the template in the booklet as a guide. Once you have uploaded the golf club form you must also create a data capture form for the estate agents database, for this form there is not a template to guide you so you must use your own design ideas. 

        • DB - Database Reports


          DB – Create a report for the Estate agents table (EX 2.2). Extension is to create a report for the CD Shop.

          You are not required to upload the reports for marking.

          • PP - Interactive quiz design

            Millionaire Quiz

            Using PowerPoint you are going to create an interactive quiz based on the game show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’. Use the exercise sheet below as a guide. You may enter your own choice of question topics, but try to ensure that they are general knowledge questions that would allow anyone taking the quiz to attempt. You should look to develop the presentation by creating ‘50/50’, ‘Ask the audience’ and ‘Phone a friend’ slides. Internet images may be used as part of a question. Also suitable use of sound and custom animation would improve the presentation further.

            IMPORTANT: The assessment criteria is displayed in the document below:

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