This course will help you revise for your English Literature GCSE.  The range of powerpoints will take you through the characters, relationships and themes that are important to the novel and will help you to structure possible exam essays.

*This course is only for those pupils who have studied Lord of the Flies with the following teachers: Miss Lloyd, Mrs Moyse and Mrs Thomas (BISH).

All the resources you need for revising Lord of the Flies in Unit 2: Exploring Modern Texts are contained here. You just need to click on the icon beneath and the resources will appear. Remember:

  • You will need to revise this text thoroughly as preparation for your GCSE English Literature exam on _. It is 1 hour 30 minutes and is worth 40% of your total Literature mark.

The examination format:

  • You will be asked to answer one question from a choice of two on Lord of the Flies in Section A of the exam.
  • You will be asked to analyse/explore/discuss how Golding presents a character, theme or symbol focusing, in detail, on the words and techniques used and effect created.
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